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Frequently asked questions about solar

How much does it cost?
We simply replace your power bill with a payment towards the system. Instead of paying your utility you pay for the system, then you have no power bill. It doesn’t ADD any cost to your life.
What happens if my system stops working?
The system is passive with no moving parts, so it doesn’t require regular maintenance. Even so, the equipment and workmanship are fully covered under our industry leading warranty and guarantee. Any issues with your system will be solved efficiently and professionally with just one simple call to your Phoenix Solar Roofing Consultant.
How do I know if my panels are working?
Quality solar systems are very reliable and should offer years of trouble free operations. Nevertheless, sometimes things can go wrong. The inverter of your solar system is under 24/7 monitoring, and you will be alerted via an app on your phone if any component of your system isn’t working properly. Your Phoenix Solar Roofing Consultant is only one call away to solve any issues you may have.
Will Solar work in Chicago’s climate?
Absolutely! Chicago’s weather is the perfect fit for solar. Electrical equipment works more efficiently in cooler temps, and our ample sunshine provides endless clean free energy. In addition, solar panels of today are built to withstand the hail, ice and snow that we see here in the state of Illinois. Interesting fact for perspective….Germany is the world leader in solar energy, yet they have less sun radiation than Alaska.
Will the system damage my roof?
As a full-service roofing contractor, there’s nobody more qualified to help you convert your home to clean energy. The system is part of your roof and we know your roof better than anyone.
What is Net Metering?
Your utility company is under federal mandate to buy some of their power from renewable sources. If your home qualifies, you can produce your own energy, and sell the excess back to your utility through a Net Meter.
If the power goes out will I still have electricity?
No. While your system will continue to generate electricity during power outages as they do everyday, you will not be able to use that energy to run your home. Net Metering keeps you connected to the grid, and therefore still in the dark when the grid goes down.