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Phoenix is excited to be able to give top of line solar power systems, first-rate customer service and be part of the good that leaves this world better for our children.
Phoenix Solar Roofing is an extension of Phoenix Exteriors created to fill the growing interest and need for both residential and commercial solar energy systems.

Since 2007, Phoenix Exteriors has been your trusted and reliable roofing expert with locations serving Illinois, Texas and Tennessee. We are thrilled to now offer our customers the ability to power their own home or business.

Save Money with Clean Solar Energy

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Save with clean, free solar energy

Rooftop solar will lower your energy costs and reduce your dependency on energy from the grid.

With advancements in capture and storage technology plus installation rebates now is the best time to go solar at your home or business.

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Since owner, Eric Stanis, started Phoenix Exteriors 11 years ago we have fulfilled our mission of delivering top of the industry roofing & exterior products. Since inception Phoenix Exteriors has positioned ourselves for years to be able to finally offer to it’s existing clientele, and future clients, world class solar power systems. We have educated, advanced our skillset and most importantly refined our customer service so our clients can be left with an industry leading solar power & roofing system. A transparent system without any accounting or financing tricks which deceive customers. Now, more than ever, does the Phoenix family believe solar power should be accessible for all Illinoisans. Latest reports show our world needs leadership to leave this world good for our children and their children.