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Phoenix Solar Roofing

At Phoenix Solar Roofing we install custom designed rooftop solar systems using the highest quality materials and components.

One Day Installation

Our expert solar rooftop team installs and activates your home powered by the sun.

Flip and Save

Flip the switch on your new rooftop solar array and start saving right away!

Connect and Qualify

Connect with the City and your utility to see if your home qualifies for solar rebates.

Save Money with Rooftop Solar

Phoenix Solar Roofing will design and install the most optimal rooftop solar array for your home.

Solar Rooftop from Roofing Pros

At Phoenix Solar Roofing we’re also a roofing company with over 25 years of work.

Our roofing experience brings you reliable rooftop solar installers so you know your home is in safe hands.

Save Money with Clean Solar Energy

Get a Free Inspection



Our rooftop solar experts install your system IN JUST ONE DAY.


Flip the switch to enjoy a home powered with free energy.from the sun.


The City and your utility provider will do a final inspection to start net metering.


Answer a few simple questions to determine if your home qualifies for rebates.

Get Rooftop Solar and Save

Solar for Your Home

Your new home rooftop solar system will not only reduce and eliminate your electric bill, it will contribute to increasing your home value. In addition, Illinois has a tax exemption for solar, so your property taxes will be calculated as if your solar energy system isn’t even there.

Solar for Your Business

Outfit your business with solar and increase revenues. Rising utility and energy costs are becoming harder for business owners to control. A solar program can protect your business from unnecessary costs. On average, solar can save up to 75% in commercial energy costs.

Save With Solar